What Soothes Your Soul?


When we have had a deeply impactful experience, we long for something to soothe us. Whether it is a companion, a cup of hot tea, a time in nature, a comfort food, a hug or touch, we have the need to  process what has happened.


As a bereaved mother, I had this need. I did not know what I needed, or how to identify what it was I was longing for, I just knew that my body and my soul had a need. What I discovered in the weeks and months and even years following my son’s death in 2009, is that being consoled brings great healing and long lasting benefits to not only the physical body, but also to mind and soul.  


One of these was connecting with others, and for me, it was with other moms whose child had died; to know that I was not alone helped make his loss more manageable and helped bring me to a place where I could begin finding some resolution.  


Why a Comfort and Care Retreat? 


Whether it be from a life changing event or the everyday build- up of life demands, we all desire this need to be cared for. A time to let someone else take over even if for a short while; like having a mini vacation, and solace from the daily grind The retreats I offer are intended to give you an opportunity to step back and can bring tremendous healing in ways that you may not understand until afterwards. 


Just as I had the need to connect with other mothers, in these Care and Comfort Retreats you will discover connection with other like minds and finally find the space and safety where you can be soothed, and cared for. 


What You Will Take With You


With pure intention, we do our best so that when you leave your retreat, you will: 

  • Feel like you have just had that mini vacation you were longing for, feeling a sense of being replenished and nourished, in your body and in your soul. 


  • Have a deeper connection with yourself, your desires, and an appreciation for what you need, and now know how to give to yourself when you need it again. Without guilt!  


  • Know Tips and Tools: as life continues to move forward and the daily grind returns, this time, you will be equipped to incorporate the techniques, mini moments, and healing tools while spending very little money and time, and is doable in your very own home. 


  • Bring home a Comfort and Care Basket filled with products and information to help you continue to your self-care at home and wherever you land.  

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