"I have had cancer and I decided it was time to heal, I also lost my oldest son, it was time to give myself permission to heal and open my heart center once again. Restorative Yoga has been a godsend, My body and soul feels like they are beginning to live again. Thank you Kimberly you are a wonderful teacher! Namaste"

- Jenny (Delhi)


"I have found that after taking the restorative yoga classes that I am now able to do the poses at home to help me relax. I am also able to meditate every night for at least 15 minutes before bed to help me relax.  This has also helped a bit with my insomnia. I can not believe how relaxed I am when I get home from this class."

- Barb



"I have been experiencing significant back and knee pain.  I decided to try restorative yoga.  I never realized how much tension I was carrying in my back.  This class has definitely made a difference in my comfort level. Adjusting the way I sleep at night has allowed me to sleep virtually pain free.  I would definitely recommend this class. "         - Ida



"I have been looking for a way to enhance my spiritual well-being and peace of mind. I decided to try restorative yoga and mindfulness as offered by Kimberly Ryan. I am pleased to say that after only 2 sessions, I am feeling much more grounded and present. It is a combination of breathing exercises, meditation, and inner/outer awareness via relaxing yoga positions. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking inner peace." - Hilary


"Restorative Yoga, and Mindfulness classes have taught me to pay more attention to the positive in my life!" - Debbie


"Kimberly is very friendly and knowledgeable, and this creates a very welcoming atmosphere.  There’s a palpable feeling of inclusiveness.  The restorative yoga class has been a unique experience and I always leave feeling lifted, inspired and at ease.  I look forward to continuing my mindfulness journey with Kim."  - Renee

"Restorative yoga with Kimberly is very relaxing, and restores body and mind, I always feel great when doing it. The gentle poses make class suitable for everyone... no problem." - Maria
"Before taking restorative yoga classes with Kimberly, I was unaware of how powerful practicing mindfulness can be both physically and mentally. The truly customized practice has taught me how to recognize, listen to, and nurture all my needs to help me grow and heal in all aspects of life. I now turn to restorative yoga to manage anything from headaches to stress to insomnia, and so much more." - Mackenzie
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