Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation 

1.5 hr classes, $15.00 drop in or $40.00 for 4-week session

Available to men and women


Combined restorative yoga (a resting yoga using props to induce a deeper relaxation restoring body and mind by activating the parasympathetic nervous system) and mindfulness meditation.  


Mindfulness meditation is a practice of focused breath or object awareness for staying present--creating opportunity for exploring curiosity, patience and compassion. In class, you will experience 2 restorative poses and 2 mindfulness meditation practices. 


Private Restorative or Mindfulness Meditation Sessions 

1.5 hr session $65.00 1 hr session $50.00

Available to men and women 


You may choose one or the other, or have a combined mindfulness and restorative yoga session.  


Reiki  (Rei – spiritual consciousness   Ki – The Life Force) 

1hr, individual $60.00 - 30 minutes $30.00

Available to men and women


Originating from Tibet, Reiki is a very powerful and gentle hands on healing which helps restore balance and enliven the energy systems, activating self-healing mechanisms inherent in all humans. In a session, you may release stress and emotional blockages promoting a sense of relaxation and calm. You will be guided through a relaxation during the session and take home a written account of your session. 


Your Home or In Studio - Group Restorative Mindfulness 


Gather together a group of friends, family or co-workers for a morning of restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation. I come to you. In this time together, your group is invited to experience deep relaxation contributing to improved health by releasing toxins and restoring balance in the body and mind. Additionally, with her gentle voice, Kimberly guides you in a visualization practice to create an inner sanctuary of your very own. Refreshments and a light snack are served. See Kimberly for pricing. 


Care & Comfort Retreats for Women 


Schedule a half day, full day or overnight for a time of healing. A life experience or decision has brought you to a place of knowing that it is time for you to take care of you. These retreats are designed for a non-interrupted time of complete care through the practices of restorative yoga, meditation relaxation, private healing sessions and organic food.


Contact Kimberly ( for pricing and details.

Half Day Retreats

Full Day Retreats

Overnight Retreats

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