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Kimberly has been facilitating groups on meditation and wellness in the Hamilton, Norfolk, Brantford, and London areas since 1997. A graduate of the University of Waterloo (1997) training in Religious Studies and Women’s Studies, and further training in Mindfulness Meditation as well as in Bereavement Studies, Kimberly has been a life long learner. 


 Recently semi-retired, Kimberly worked in the social service sector for almost 40 years. Raised on a tobacco farm in Norfolk County, Kimberly is the mother of 3 children and continues to live in a small town.  


Kimberly has always enjoyed and been drawn to helping people; her passion lies in connecting people with one another which she believes helps facilitate personal and professional growth. In her early adult years, learning about meditation and relaxation was a key element for working through challenges with anxiety and depression. She attended many hours of meditation workshops throughout the years, beginning in her early 30’s and continued on to learn and practice Yoga and Meditation.  


In 2012, after the sudden death of her 27 year old son (2009), Kimberly worked at Bereaved Families of Ontario in Hamilton for 3 years and as a volunteer. 


Kimberly was first introduced to Restorative Yoga in 2012 having 3 one and a half hour individual sessions. She was so personally impacted by this experience and immediately linked the restorative yoga with the aspect of healing and how perfectly this practice would fit with the bereaved mothers retreats.


After retiring, she obtained her certification in Restorative Yoga, and alsoin  certified Hatha Yoga.


Please contact Kimberly to create your group’s customized retreat day or simply hand it over to her, and she will do all the planning, leaving you to simply show up! 


Wishing you all safe journeys, and remember “it is never too late to begin where you are”…. A motto she has been living by for going on 30 years. Kimberly also believes that it is never time wasted to take care of you.





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